A Cut Above The Rest

A Cut Above The Rest Once you have decided to go ahead with plastic surgery, it may be advisable to look at a few crucial points that are fundamental to the final accomplishment of your chosen procedure.  Dr Anushka Reddy shares her expert advice as well as some important guidelines regarding what happens once you

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A2 Aesthetics Issue 42

Getting a Load Off

Getting a Load off Obesity has become a global pandemic over the years – and a very dangerous one too. This is due to the many problems associated with it – ranging from heart disease and stroke, to high blood pressure, diabetes, and various other life-threatening conditions. When different methods of losing weight prove to

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A2 Aesthetics Issue 42

On The Butting Edge

On The Butting Edge With non-surgical options nudging their way into the field of plastic surgery, DR ANUSHKA REDDY explains the difference between the brazilian butt lift procedure and the non-surgical butt lift, while discussing the advantages and disadvantages of both thereof.    A2 AESTHETIC & ANTI-AGEING MAGAZINE | ISSUE 42 Read More

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