• <h1>Surgical Excellence</h1>
<p>Recognising, redefining and refining cosmetic surgery <br />in South Africa.</p>

    Surgical Excellence

    Recognising, redefining and refining cosmetic surgery
    in South Africa.



Vivari Aesthetics is a specialised cosmetic surgery clinic and hospital set within the tranquility of the luxurious Vivari Hotel and Spa in Johannesburg.

Vivari Aesthetics is the brainchild of Dr Anushka Reddy, a medical doctor and owner of Medi-Sculpt, a specialised minimally invasive cosmetic and anti-ageing clinic also on the same property. Dr Reddy’s vision is to provide a luxurious boutique environment that is the facility of choice for both medical practitioners and patients.

Vivari Aesthetics aims to be a leading surgical centre and become a training centre for plastic surgeons. The specialised cosmetic surgery has a state-of-the-art operating theatre with 5 post-surgical day beds. It also provides conference and streaming facilities for international cosmetic and aesthetic medical practitioners, keeping local cosmetic medical practitioners up to date with all the latest trends and technological advancements in the field.

The Aesthetics

The Aesthetics

A Leading Surgical Centre

A first in medical tourism with an aesthetic surgery situated on the same property as a 5-star boutique hotel. Not only does it provide a private and safe sanctuary for guests to recover from a cosmetic procedure, it is also in close proximity to historic and iconic tourist attractions and activities.