AfterCare for post-surgical recovery.


Licensed medical practitioners. Our staff members are committed to your safe and rapid recovery. Trust your care to licensed medical practitioners that know how to care for you after you have had plastic surgery or a similar elective surgical procedure.


Recover in a peaceful setting. Recover in a beautifully modern and peaceful setting that will allow you to focus on getting better. Vivari AfterCare is conveniently located in Johannesburg, Featherbrooke.


A secure and safe environment. Our facility is secure and provides a safe environment for your recovery. We have several different room options, and all rooms are well- appointed and provide a secure place for your quick recovery.

Best in Johannesburg

vivari aftercare

Vivari AfterCare is a private, modern, and Tranquility post-operative recovery centre located in Featherbrooke, Mogale City, Johannesburg. Neighbouring the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens, Cradlestone Mall and Silverstar Casino, our facility is a wonderful place to recover while remaining near your physician and loved ones. Our licensed medical practitioners are specifically trained in providing customised aftercare nursing and post-operative care regimens.
Vivari AfterCare focuses mainly on providing skilled care to patients who are in recovery for almost any type of outpatient surgery. Surgical recovery can be difficult to endure, especially in the first week. Our goal is for you to have a smooth and pleasant surgical recovery experience so that you are back on your feet as soon as possible.
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Vivari AfterCare is the finest post-surgical care facility in Johannesburg. We offer 24-hour licensed nursing care to patients who are recovering from cosmetic or elective surgery procedures. Recovering at our facility is much easier than trying to recover at home.

Vivari AfterCare serves physicians and patients coming from the Johannesburg and Pretoria Metro area and beyond, serving the East and South Rand and the surrounding communities. Please call our office for more information.


Please bring what you would pack for a typical overnight stay.
Yes, a loved one may stay with you. Please call for details.
Yes, licensed care is available 24 hours per day. A licensed medical practitioner will always be available to you during your stay.
Yes, we will coordinate comfortable transportation from your surgery centre to our facility.
Yes, we will provide appropriate meal options during your stay.
We coordinate with both you and your physician to ensure that we are ready to provide the appropriate and necessary care for each patient.
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