Welcome to our pre-consultation process. To begin, please complete our cosmetic consultation form, upload your photos, and securely pay the R1000 ($60) fee via our Yoco link. This payment covers both the pre-consultation and in-person consultation, so you won’t incur any additional costs when you visit us.

Once we receive your information, one of our experienced doctors will review your file and create a personalized surgery plan tailored to your needs. We’ll then provide you with a detailed quotation. Please note that this initial quotation is subject to revision after your in-person consultation with the plastic surgeon.

It is recommended to postpone plastic surgery procedures until after the following conditions have been met:

– Completion of breastfeeding
– A minimum of one year post pregnancy
– No plans for future pregnancies

We look forward to guiding you through this process and helping you achieve your aesthetic goals!

Our Pre-Consultation Process

Step 1: Complete Pre-Consultation Questionnaire

Fill out our comprehensive questionnaire to share your concerns, goals, and medical history with our team.

Step 2: Submit Photos

Upload clear, recent photos of the areas you’re concerned about, as directed in our photo guidelines.

Step 3: Secure Payment

Use our secure payment link to pay the pre-consultation fee, which will be redeemed against any procedure you choose to undergo.

Step 4: Personalized Feedback and Quote

Our experienced doctors will review your file and provide personalized feedback and a detailed quote for your desired procedure.

Step 5: Redeem Pre-Consultation Fee

If you proceed with a procedure, the pre-consultation fee will be fully redeemed, ensuring a seamless transition to your surgical journey.

your Transformation Journey STARTS HERE:

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